outdoor of the Mamma Mia restaurant in Rome: wooden structure, dinng tables, palm trees and pittosporum

Mamma Mia Restaurant, Rome

tropical effect with palm trees and pittosporum in the outdoor spaces of the Mamma Mia restaurant in Rome
outdoor room of the Mamma Mia restaurant in Rome, with contemporary sculpture in cor-ten within the Chamaedorea hedge
green design with a tropical feel at the Mamma Mia restaurant in Rome, and wooden structure connecting outdoor and indoor
outdoor dining area of the Mamma Mia restaurant in Rome: garden limits fading into the dark
continuity between the garden and the interiors of the Mamma Mia restaurant in Rome
Photo credit: atelier XYZ
Photo credit: atelier XYZ
Photo credit: atelier XYZ
Photo credit: atelier XYZ
Photo credit: atelier XYZ
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At the Mamma Mia restaurant in Rome, you can feel in the garden even when you are indoor. Palms and ferns are always in sight thanks to the play of beams and full-height windows that connects the rooms. The landscape project spreads along the margins of the architectures to create fluid and relaxing spaces. Evergreen species with glossy leaves make their way into the pavement with apparent spontaneity. The lightness of the Chamaedorea and the cheerfulness of the sphere-shaped pittosporum soften the rigor of the wooden structure designed by Labics. The soffused light filtering through the trees and the beams has inspired the botanical choices. Clouds of Peppermint and Soleirolia and arched leaves of Dryopteris recreate the freshness and charm of the tropical undergrowth. As evening falls, the garden of the Mamma Mia restaurant seems to expand into dark. The Cor-Ten volutes of the custom-made sculpture project the vegetation into a dreamlike dimension.

Mamma Mia Restaurant, Rome

Where: Roma, Quartiere Pinciano
Area: 95 sq m
Year: 2014 (design), 2015 (construction)
In collaboration with: Labics (architecture), A. Palmieri Ing & Arch Associati (structures), Fusaro Mario Srl (sculpture fabrication), Torsanlorenzo (vegetation)
Services: Concept, plant design, sculpture design, construction assistance

project sketch for the garden of the Mamma Mia restaurant in Rome, by Valerio Cozzi landscape architect
Plant design sketch by Valerio Cozzi