Stone fountain surrounded by papyrus and cone-shaped observatory

Italian garden in Riyadh

Palm trees reflected on the pool surface of a private garden in Riyadh
Private garden in Riyadh with pool
Pool of a private garden in Riyadh
Bougainvillea and formal garden in Riyadh
Perspective created with topiated shrubs, in Riyadh
Stone fountain surrounded by papyrus and cone-shaped observatory
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An Italian Garden in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, inspired by historical Tuscan gardens and enriched with the amber tones of local limestone. The exuberance of the design responds to the request to articulate the area in a variety of environments to welcome guest and chill out. Regular hedges, pergolas and wooden shading structures introduce to a sequence of scenarios that combine sharp lines and monumentality.

Column carved in the rock in Riyadh
Planters and columns carved in the rock, esedra made of bricks in Riyadh
The basin with rock columns of a private garden in Riyadh
Detail of a brick exedra overlooking a tub with water features
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The exedra at the centre of the site performs as hinge between the formal and the private gardens. Behind the brick arches, columns shaped as desert rock monoliths raise from a pond. The water feature is an adjustable filling basin that, as appropriate, is able to display joyful jets or to become a dry theatre for exclusive parties.

Sketch of a private garden in Riyadh inspired by Italian formal gardens
Sketch of the basin with rock columns
Sketch of tha basin with rock columns for a private garden in Saudi Arabia
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This is an Italian garden also considering the importance of vegetation, that connects and differentiates the areas. Palms and local trees pruned on the model of cypress welcome guests with solemnity, while bright blooms and subtropical flora enclose the spaces reserved for the family.

plan of a private garden in Riyadh, project by Valerio Cozzi
Plan of the garden. The central feature of the exedra sets apart the representative areas (on the left) and private gardens (on the right).

Italian garden in Riyadh

Where: Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Area: 8.000 sq m
Year: 2009-2011 (design), 2010-2012 (construction)
Services: Green masterplan concept, preliminary, executive and construction design, water features design, shading structures design, paving design, assistance during construction

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