vista notturna dell'arrivo al birrificio impavida

Impavida, craft brewery in Arco

insegna in cemento birrificio impavida
vista notturna dell'arrivo al birrificio impavida
vista notturna dell'ingresso del birrificio impavida
il patio del birrificio impavida
colonne rosse e pini silvestri per nuovo birrificio ad Arco
birrificio impavida visto dal parcheggio
planimetria a mano del progetto degli spazi aperti di valerio cozzi
vista del viale di ingresso del birrificio impavida
progetto esecutivo specie vegetali per birrificio Impavida
Elenco specie – recinzioni
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Landscape design outside the box for Impavida, a creative craft brewery in Arco (Trentino, northern Italy). Shoots of hop (Humulus lupulus) and of Virginia creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia) climb the architectures during summertime. Studied specimens of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) welcome the guests – a design choice to recall the rock walls enclosing the valley. The property boundaries are lined with fragrant Jasminum and tall cypress trees to let imagination run to the nearby Lake Garda. Enough? Not yet: Mediterranean aromatic shrubs and fruit trees surround the outdoor tables: a prodigy made possible by the mild climate of the area. Proportions and textures of the foliage integrate with the former industrial building, a recovery project by the Milan-based firm Genuizzi Banal. Appropriate selection and layout of species thriving in the same conditions help to reduce irrigation needs: a standard of Valerio Cozzi landscape design that here meets the philosophy of the Company on sustainable and circular economy.

Client: Birra Artigianale Impavida
Location: Arco (Trento), Italy
Year: 2020
Partners: Genuizzi Banal architetti, Frizzi costruttori di giardini
Services: Concept, plant design, detailed design, assistance to the construction

Impavida: plant design for the bbq area, sketch by Valerio Cozzi
Sketch of the bbq area planting design: laurel, rosemary, ornamental garlic and verbena… and an apple tree, that is a typical cultivation of Trentino. Maybe, who knows, one day Impavida will launch a new cider!