Guided tour to the botanic garden of Villa Monastero

On Wednesday 5 June I will guide a tour to the botanical garden of Villa Monastero, illustrating on site the landscape project and the ongoing redevelopment works financed by the European Union Next Generation Eu. The visit will give the opportunity to read one of the jewels of Lake Como from the standpoint of the designer and works manager.

Villa Monastero has a unique linear garden that can be discovered only by walking it all back and forth, enjoying step by step the exquisite game between its floristic and artistic heritage and the panorama.

Together with architect Paola Bassani who cured the restoration project of the sculptural apparatus, I will delve into the compositional and technical aspects of the landscape works that are going to be completed by December 2024.

The event, organized by the Culture, Environment and Landscape Commission of the OAPPC Varese, provides 1 professional training credit for architects.
Limited places available, Registration by June 4th by writing to

Villa Monastero, the renovated fountain staircase
Sketch illustrating the renovation intent for the fountain staircase of Villa Monastero in Varenna. Drawing by landscape architect Valerio Cozzi
Project sketch by landscape designer Valerio Cozzi