Cover del convegno City'Scape di Milano

The new Piazza Castello, Milan

The new Piazza Castello in Milan, between urban landscape and climate change
Piazza Castello, Milan, as if Nature-based Solutions (NBS) were applied
Piazza Castello in Milan, as if Nature-based Solutions were applied. Credits: Valerio Cozzi

On Thursday 6th July I will be speaking at the City’Scape International Symposium held at The Palazzo della Triennale in Milan.
Together with the Head Project Manager arch. Loredana Brambilla, the authors of the architectural project arch. Emanuele Genuizzi and arch. Vincenzo Strambio De Castillia and archaeologist Emanuele Bartolini, I will illustrate the transformation of one of the most iconic places in Milan from a busy street to a green boulevard.
The purpose of my speech is to itemize the contribution of landscape design to improve the quality of city life and the city resilience to climate change, while selecting materials and botanical species respectful of the historical and urban context of Milan.
Participation in the event – organized by Paysage, promoted by the National Council of Architects P.P.C. and sponsored by the Order of Architects P.P.C. of Milan – grants course credits (CFP).

July, 6th 2023 – 2:00pm to 6:40pm
Palazzo della Triennale di Milano
Viale Alemagna, 6 – Milan

Milano: la nuova Piazza Castello

Valerio Cozzi landscape designer

a sketch by valerio cozzi about a green isle

Green breakfast at Feel Uptown

Wednesday at 10 am I will present the roof garden I designed for the new residential complex Feel UpTown in Milan: concept, technical solutions, species. Hope you will join me at the Conference Hall in Cascina Merlata, Milan, or connect via live streaming.

Feel UpTown is a new residential complex by Euromilano in the north west area of Milan. The core of the area is a roof garden of three thousand square meters. A park designed to offer a green outdoor to share in addition to the underground level reserved to the residents. The project I developed with Studio Labics and SIO Engineering balances vegetation and architecture through careful soil modelling.

It is not enough to change the world. That happens anyway

The new issue of the Italian Association of Landscape Architecture (AIAPP) magazine is focused on the dialogue between landscape design and environmental problems.

To draw the cover, I thought about the mutual bond between designer and landscape. There are no B-series scenarios. Indeed, the most problematic situations are often the most inspiring. In my experience even hard conditions such as erosion and drought can drive the design process and lead the project site to a rebirth.

It is not enough to change the world. That happens anyway, and generally beyond our control. What matters is to interpret this change, specifically in order to lead it. So that this world does not change further outside of ourselves, ultimately becoming a world-without-us.

Günther Anders, Die Antiquiertheit des Menschen (1956)

7th Landscape Architecture Congress, Antalya, Turkey

The Chamber of Turkish Landscape Architects invited me to the 7th Landscape Architecture Congress to be held in Antalya (Turkey) from 6 to 8 November 2019.

I am honored and happy for the opportunity to contribute to the works on the theme “Landscapes as a collective memory”.

The title of my speech is ‘Vulnerability as an asset. Landscape design moving people forward’. Accompanied by the work of Gilberto Oneto (1946 – 2015), I will reflect on the true task of the landscape architect: responding to the essential hunger for meaning of the human being, always in search of spatial and temporal references and of new landscapes to live and share.