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Courtyard restyling in Riyadh

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The restyling of the courtyard of a private residence in Riyadh creates an elegant and refreshing garden to welcome the family. A new floating wooden deck, installed over existing paving, adds personality and hides the new irrigation system. Lounge and strolling areas are separated by tailored planters and slight changes of level. In Saudi Arabia daytime temperatures may exceed 50°C, therefore open spaces have to be created thinking of nightfall: here, scented flowers and ornamental shrubs are enhanced by accurate lighting. Along the boundaries, lush climbing vegetation and tall shrubs ensure privacy, while wooden screens frame entrances and passages to make you feel inside a Hortus conclusus.

Floating deck – the making of

cortile a riyadh, lavori in corso
la costruzione delle fioriere
restyling in progress di cortile a riyadh
costruzione deck rialzato a riyadh
i disegni di progetto in cantiere
cane nero su deck appena realizzato
raccordo fra deck flottante e soglia preesistente
deck flottante in legno
Al Malasz – work in progress mess
Al Malasz – the main door
Al Malasz – decking in progress 2
Al Malasz – work in progress mess 2
Al Malasz – my drawings on site
Al Malasz – black dog
Al Malasz – paving match
Al Malasz – wooden deck paving surface
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Location: Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)
Area: 270 m2
Year: 2013 (design), 2014 (construction)
In partnership with: Artemide, Serralunga
Services: Concept design, construction design, Plant design for arid climates, scenographic lighting design, decking design and technical advice, irrigation design advice