My team

Landed here in 2016 after practicing at prominent planning studios in Berlin and Milan, he runs our projects abroad and nearby – provided that they are enough troublesome. His skills in computer aided design and 3D modelling, along with his knowledge of hard and soft landscape construction, allow him to assist the design progression from concept to construction. He has a Bachelor Degree in Architecture and a Master in Design and Conservation of the Garden and the Landscape, both earned at the Politecnico di Milano.

Eugenio Braccio, junior Architect

After her MS in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano and a Master in Design and Conservation of the Garden and Landscape of the same Atheneum held at Fondazione Minoprio, she earned a sound experience in planning for the public sector, carrying out projects of environmental requalifications, mitigation and renaturalization and drafting Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA). Since 2018, she collaborates on my projects at all scales for private clients and public bodies managing each phase of the process. Insanely good in bureaucratic matters, she opened us the doors to competitions and tenders in Italy and abroad.

Simona Basilico, architect

Architect and Landscape designer, with an ever-growing expertise in urban and territorial planning both as professional and collaborating to interdisciplinary teams of Politecnico di Milano. She assists me since 2016 with feasibility studies and masterplan development on projects promoting the interconnection between urban and rural environments, in Italy and abroad.

arch. Tiziana Ronchi

Tiziana Ronchi, architect and landscape designer

MS in Philosophy after graduating in economics, she collaborates since 2008 overseeing the management and the communication of my activities. She coordinates projects progress, personnel and agenda to keep everything on track.

Erica Kusterle

Erica Kusterle, coord.