cookie policy

Cookies are small text files that accompany the pages of a site. Your browser stores them on the device you use to visit it. Then, depending on the type of cookie, your computer/tablet/smartphone keeps these short files for itself – for example to speed up page loading – or sends them back to the ownership of the site or to third-parties he relies on – generally collecting information to understand your activity and preferences. The site uses exclusively technical cookies, i.e. necessary to ensure the correct functioning of its contents. The third-parties involved – Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, WordPress, YouTube – could also use cookies (and, we bet, in a more sophisticated way!). To consent to the use of cookies on the site, you just have to close the dedicated banner or to click on any link. To delete cookies or to refine their behavior, simply follow the instructions of your specific browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge).

This cookie policy has been updated on January 24, 2024. Any changes will always be published on this page.