La Forgiatura, Milan

Thunderbolt steers all things 


Location: Milan, Italy
Site area: 24.000 sqm (common and green areas: 8.000 sqm)
Year: 2007-2009; 2018; 2019 (design, different lots); 2011, 2012; 2019 (construction, different lots)
Partners: AG&P greenscape, arch. Giuseppe Tortato, Milano Layout Srl


La Forgiatura is a multifunctional area in the north-west area of Milan hosting fashion brands, ICT and pioneering medical companies.

The complex rises from a former industrial site area where special steel components were produced and exported all over the world in the nineteenth century.

The regeneration of the area, that took place at the turn of the first decade of 2000, has been attracting new investors and is still on the move.

Landscape design concept

Valerio Cozzi joined the design team since the very beginning to connect and complete buildings with outdoor and indoor green. During the years, he has been developing and tuning landscape in accord with evolving functions, tenants and key figures.

Landscape project features sharp designed hills, 1 to 8 m high, that generate a dynamic relationship with buildings, while neat lawn surfaces mirror and multiply glass facades. At each change of the season, the widespread vegetation recalls the sense of renovation that turned the old factory sheds into energy-efficient buildings and spaces to share.

valerio_cozzi_landscape_designer_la_forgiatura (10)_1

La Forgiatura

valerio_cozzi_landscape_designer_la_forgiatura_hedera_hillThe layout of ventilation grills and draining gutters is designed to evoke the speed of the lightning bolt. La ForgiaturaThe abacus of materials is kept minimal, with maximum attention to their concurrence to the best performance and aesthetic results.valerio_cozzi_landscape_designer_la_forgiatura (17)Green patios take advantage of the natural light allowed by glass roofs and metal frameworks to connect reception, conference rooms and exhibition spaces to outdoor. Planting layout considers expected growth, aesthetic value all year round and ease of maintenance.valerio_cozzi_landscape_designer_la_forgiatura (9)_2

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Some planting glimps